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But calm, white calm, was born into a swan

Sometimes it happens that I stumble across something that I really, really like. Usually it will be something that we’ll (eventually) buy but sometimes it’s something that doesn’t fit in our collection no matter...


Just – look for an override!

Another one of those game series that’s still on my to-do list is Dead Space. And now with number three coming out, Kotobukiya is jumping on the cart filled with Necro’s to deliver us...


Boom, headshot.

I like games, as you well know, and I also like merchandise of games more then any other type of collectible. And when one of my favourite companies releases a new statue for pre-order, it’s quite easy to guess what will happen. Yes, I’ll pre-order it instantly and usually make a post about it as well. So, there you go. You now know the reason of this post.