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I was in the neighborhood

Yeah, I had this post lying around but never got the time to finish it. I present to you, the third in the J. Scott Campbell Collection; Spider-Man! 


First 4 Figures teases new stuff

And my, oh my, do I like! Remember that awful debacle we had with the Capcom store and their Mega Man? Well, First 4 Figures is making sure we’ll still have a great statue...


Easy, Bug Boy.

And the second one in Sideshow Collectibles J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man collection is the tragic Gwen Stacy.


Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot.

While this was announced a while ago, it’s still available so it’s not hard to understand why I’m previewing this anyway. Based on the art of one of our favorite artists, Sideshow Collectibles brings us the famous redhead from the Spider-Man universe: Mary Jane.


Pssst… here’s a tip…

Remember me saying that it was awfully quiet lately? Well, not anymore… First Goro from Pop Culture Shock and now the new license announcement and first pre-orders from Gaming Heads. Yes, pre-orders. Multiple. From a game that has been mighty popular here at my school: Plants VS. Zombies!


I will give you a warrior’s death!

Like I said before, it’s been awfully quite lately. Of course, partly this could be the result of us being online less because we’re trying to cut down on our expenses. Naturally, this never lasts long. Especially when Pop Culture Shock announces a new statue available for pre-order!


One of the most nostalgic suits in history!

If you’d ask me what the most nostalgic suit in the gaming history is, I’d say that there are several. But for Nintendo, one that at least ranks in the top 3 is the Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. Well… that’s not true, Raccoon Mario is more recognizable but it isn’t really a suit is it… Well, I’ve always wanted nice resin Mario collectibles and finally, First 4 Figures answered my prayers! 


It’s a cuddly doom for us

It’s quite rare that a statue manufacturer tries his hands on something else but today, it happened. Gaming Heads released their first plushies from the classic Doom series. And they’re quite cuddly.