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Cruise the stars

I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect series developed by BioWare. I can’t wait for the holidays, not really for the holidays themselves but more for the very anticipated third part in this...


Finish Him!!

Who didn’t hear this sentence a lot as a child? And I’m not talking about on the schoolyard. I’m talking about all those hours at our grandparents house, playing side to side with my...


Being a Tinker is great!

I’m not ashamed to say I watched the movie Tinker Bell and I must say that I found it quite entertaining actually. Tinker Bell has always been one of my favorite Disney Ladies and...


He was ‘Daring’ alright

Those who are older or as old as I am, might remember the greatest event in every persons history; playing Dragon’s Lair for the first time! If you haven’t had that wonderful experience; SHAME...


Ohhh! Behave… [NSFW]

What happens when you let a company take a shot at creating an unofficial figure based on a cartoony game character? Oh, and don’t forget to say Make her sexy to that particular sculptor. Wanna see what happens? Do you really want to? Fine, I’ll show ya.


Ikaruga blasts away!

Who doesn’t know the superb game Ikaruga, originally for the Dreamcast and re-released for the Gamecube? We never had any pretty statues or stuff to show our love for this timeless game… That is,...


Our favorite pirate is on his way

At least, mine is… I’m talking about Captain Hook, the Disney villain from the animation Peter Pan. You know, the Walt Disney Animated Classic PETER PAN, released in 1953, where the three Darling children...