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The Duet

I always have something to say about stuff, I’m a woman after all. But sometimes, on rare occasions, I find myself silent.


The Ravishing RED

I despise, no, absolutely hate commercials! But every once in a while, I stumble upon some that I like. And today, I found one that I absolutely love!


[Updated] Cloudrise

In these times of usually uninspired movies, books and games, it’s really nice to see that people can actually make something different. Something touching and intriguing. Something that really makes you hungry for more.

Update: full movie included


Oh Canada!

Nathan Fillion is one of my favorite actors and not because I love Castle.



One of my favorite films ever has to be The Princess Bride. And now, even a sport channel is showing this movie some love!


Now here comes, the Edible Hulk

Who didn’t grew up with Sesame Street? The characters still hold a place in all our hearts and even now we love to watch them in spin-offs or parodies. And since we’re geeks, we...