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I’ve loved Pokémon since I was a little girl who got an Energy card from her big brother to stop bothering him. I was so proud of my first Pokémon card.

Now that I’m older, I look more and more towards high end collectibles of my favorite franchise. But unfortunately, they are hard to find (official ones that is). But that changes now with The Wand Company‘s newest offer; the Poké Ball

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’d know that we love replica’s and therefore also The Wand Company as that’s their main dish. We just love their Fallout replica cars and their other offerings (although we still have to pull the trigger on some) and I suspect that this little red and white ball will be no different.

The first in their line (yes line!) of official Poké Balls is the standard Poké Ball every player get when first venturing in the wild world of Pokémon. They expertly crafted this, accurate, replica with a die-cast metal shell and combined it with a touch and proximity sensors. The button actually starts to glow when it senses motion and even brighter when touched! It has a Pokémon-catching illumination sequence which sounds fun. Be warned however as this is most definitely not a toy.

Each replica is housed in a illuminated presentation case that is authenticated with an uniquely numbered hologram and comes with a polished stainless steel ring for out-of-the-box display possibility. So far, I haven’t found out how many will be made as of yet… But I’m so going to look into getting a stand for the entire series so the addition of the ring is definitely a welcome surprise.

I’ve found some information detailing that the rest of the line will include replicas of the Poké Ball (this one), Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Premier Ball. Which, if true, would suck because that would mean that there won’t be a Master Ball which is arguably, the most known ball next to the standard one.

Well, that said, I’ve got mine pre-ordered (with a free tee to boot). And you? Are you going to be a Pokémon Master?

The Wand Company: Poké Ball
RP 100 USD
Edition size: TBD

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  1. March 10, 2021

    […] Lately, especially when looking at our preorder posts, it seems that we’re only interested in a few select companies. And well… That’s definitely true. One of those companies is The Wand Company that has won us over by making awesome Fallout replica cars such as the original Fusion Flea (and more recently, my big love, Pokémon replicas). […]

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