This is the first statue in their newest Katamari Damaci line-up and might I say, it’s absolutely fabulous! I love the sculpt even in its simplicity and the colours really pop. This is Katamari! First 4 Figures prove again that they can bring anything to live.

The regular edition features Prince rolling a fresh Katamari while the exclusive features his partner in multiplayer-crime Dipp.  They’re both 11 inch (28cm) tall by 14×11 inch (36x28cm) and this picture greatly shows just how big they are;


The regular will set you back 234.99USD, while the exclusive costs 249.99USD but to help you, we have some promo codes for you;

Exclusive – KATAD15 – $15.00 OFF
Regular – KATAP10 – $10.00 OFF

So, which fast-ball roller are you getting? This is one of the few times that I don’t know which one to order (if Ingis would let me that is)… Both the regular and exclusive are so cute and pretty!

Regular Edition
RP 234.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
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Exclusive Edition
RP 249.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
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