Looking back, it really was a long time since I first heard about this figure. In Are there any heroes? (my preview post about the Silvia Christel figure), I mentioned Yamato’s, now called Arcadia, rumored Bayonetta figure. That was way back in 2011! That’s almost three years ago! Dang…

But finally, she’s painted and although she doesn’t have a release date yet, I doubt it will be long before she’ll be available for pre-order since she was on display at the Winter Wonder Festival. And dang, does she look lovely! I already loved her sculpt but am definitely not disappointed in the painted version. It’s sleek, crisp and just damn sexy. This is why I hold out on buying the Phat Company one (I didn’t like her face) and am certainly going to order her first chance I get!

And of course, I’ll update this post whenever we get more information regarding pricing etc.
Updated with the price and a link to MyFigureCollection.net Man, she’s expensive! I haven’t ordered her yet because of the price tag and I’m doubtful that I ever will. It’s such a shame because I wanted her so badly…

Arcadia: Bayonetta
RP 28000 YEN (~227 USD)
Edition Size: NA
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