SDCC 2014 is right around the corner and companies are releasing information regarding their exclusives for a while now. While there are a few items that I want to have, this one sits right on top of that list.

Especially for this years SDCC, Ehrenborg and/or Sanders are releasing a smaller version of the original Nimue but this time cast in solid bronze! She’s about 3 inches smaller than the original version with her 4,5 inch and some parts were even so detailed in that small size that they had to be cast separately by a jeweler. And with an edition size of 15 (of which only 10 will be actually sold), the price tag of 800$ each isn’t that hard to conceive. Of course, that price tag and the fact that I can’t ever get to a con like SDCC results in me never owning this wonderful piece. I feel like crying…

For those that can actually afford her and are going to SDCC 2014 later this month, she’ll be located at booth #5534. Good luck!

More information.