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Yeah, I really needed to catch up on a lot of things. Including this new diorama of Sonic the Hedgehog by First 4 Figures.

This is going to be their second diorama statue, the first being their Worms Armageddon one. This so-called Sonic Diorama Collection will feature iconic stages from Sonic’s diverse history. If this means that they’re going to go beyond the new games and finally give me a Sonic the Wherehog diorama, I’ll be one happy gal! I know that the game sucked although I can’t confirm this since I haven’t played it myself yet but just I love the design. It’s so cute.

Anyhow, the first in this collection is the City Escape scene which is seen originally in Sonic Adventure 2 but then completely re-imagined in Sonic Generations. On it, we have both Classic and Modern Sonic racing… on a skateboard… and a snowboard? That makes sense… And again with the fries… Even though these look okay on the exclusive, it being transparent resin, it really looks awful on the regular. Even more than ever because they included so many of these ‘sparks’. Like always, they added a light-up on the exclusive, both in the sparks as the ramp from which Classic Sonic is jumping from.

While I do kinda like this, we’re not ordering it. Simply because we’re going to have an overkill on Sonic statues already with both the classic and the modern line and I simply don’t love it. It’s okay but it doesn’t give me that wow I simply must have this -feeling. There are going to be 450 exclusives and 1.000 regulars made but I have a feeling that this will remain available a while…

Normal Edition
RP 299.99 USD
Edition Size: 1.000
More information

Exclusive Edition
RP 329.99 USD
Edition Size: 450
More information


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