Crossed a black cat… seven years bad luck.

I’m so excited! There is a fourth statue announced for the J. Scott Campbell line and it’s one of my favorite characters! They’re going to make Black Cat! Whoopee!!

While we haven’t seen anything yet apart from a teaser image, we do know that the pose quite possible won’t be the one in the teaser picture. Here are some quotes from a reliable source from one of the forums we frequently visit. I also included some older art and sketches from Black Cat by Campbell. Oh boy, I CAN’T WAIT!

Just because sketches are shown never means it’s official. Not saying we announce everything before we show a sculpt either, but yah, Black Cat was always considered but never official.
Had a good talk with JSC on the phone on Friday and he’s going to be doing some new sketches for her since that one was old, see if we can give it a fresh take. No matter what it’s going to be awesome.
We have plans for more JSC after this, might be Marvel, might be something else, but it’d be 1:5 scale to go with this line regardless. So expect more JSC in the future after Black Cat 

So, we don’t know what pose we’re getting but oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I wonder what they’re going to release next. If this continues, we might just end up with a comiquette collection as well. Also, although I can’t find the post anywhere, it’s said that she’ll have an exclusive edition as well! I love exclusives…

The first picture is the teaser image and the rest are pictures of the beautiful art by J. Scott Campbell. The one I love the most is the second image, just after the teaser picture. And the third, and the fourth, … Hell, who am I kidding, I’d buy any Black Cat by Campbell!

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