[UPDATED] Shellshocker, Hydro Pump!

If you’re familiar with the first Pokémon movie, you’ll might remember Shellshocker. It was the nickname Neesha, one of the trainers that also fought Mewtwo, gave to her Blastoise. And Bandai/Tamashii has finally released pictures of this awesome water-type Pokémon!

Edit: pre-orders are up!

While I always choose Charizard as my starter Pokémon, and thus letting my opponent get Blastoise, I did like this starter. Just not as much as Charizard.

I’m really happy to be getting all the final evolution’s of the first generation starters although I’m still wishing these would have been three-packs including their previous versions as well… I’ve also been thinking about getting two of each just to make the clones from the movie. But, since Ingis isn’t a Pokémon-fan, I guess I’m lucky enough to be getting these anyhow.
Just kidding.

I do really like how he came out, even though it’s an action figure (D-Arts). The articulation looks sleek but still enough to make some nice poses. And like with Charizard, he’ll also doesn’t have much extra’s, just his Hydra Pump attack. But, he’s still very nice and a definite buy for me.

As of right now, I don’t know when he will be up for pre-order but the previous two didn’t take long so this will be up soon I guess. Just keep an eye on DIMIC, or this post to be more precise, since I’ll update it when it’s online for pre-order.

And he’s available for pre-order! Just follow this link to AmiAmi (our personal favorite store).

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