One of my favorite game series on the Playstation 2 has to be the Jak and Daxter series. Back in 2001, I fell in love with the first game and I wasn’t the only one condering that they made some sequels (that weren’t that bad either). Not only did the series get a re-release on the PS3 but also one of my favorite companies is going to release a statue based on the first game in their newest line; the Playstation All Stars! 

When they first teased this, I couldn’t be happier. I own the Jak 2 statue from Oxmox but always wanted one from the first game and finally my prayer was answered. I also couldn’t wait to know what the exclusive would be. The things I was hoping for were A) a floating Precursor Orb or B) a detachable Daxter holding an Orb. You know, something that would include a Precursor Orb.

Can you imagine how disappointed I was when I saw that the exclusive is an ugly bronzified version of the regular with a mirror-like base. I don’t like bronzed statues. Hated it with Link on Epona (from First 4 Figures) and hate it with this one. And apparently, I’m not the only one that dislikes it since it hasn’t sold out yet even though it has an edition of a measly 350 pieces worldwide. Of course, they’re both still available but I have a feeling that this has more to do with lack of promotion then interest. The regular one is just perfect! I also love that they used faux grass on the base. It really gives it something that sculpted grass never could achieve.

Even though I’m disappointed that I couldn’t order the exclusive, I can’t wait for my regular. It’s the best, and only, representation of Jak and Daxter and I for one can’t wait to see where they’re going with this line.

Playstation All Stars – Jak and Daxter:
RP 189.99 USD
Edition Size: 750
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Playstation All Stars – Jak and Daxter Exclusive:
RP 199.99 USD
Edition Size: 350
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