But calm, white calm, was born into a swan

Sometimes it happens that I stumble across something that I really, really like. Usually it will be something that we’ll (eventually) buy but sometimes it’s something that doesn’t fit in our collection no matter what. But just because it doesn’t fit in our collection doesn’t mean I can’t swoon about it…

And now is one of those times. A company called Asmus Toys, which, frankly, I know nothing about, is going to release something based on an original art called The Swan.

Like I said, we know nothing about this company and some searching did also not really help. The company is apparently based in Australia, which you don’t see very often, and haven’t released much so far apart from some 12-inch action figures which don’t impress me that much. As far as I can tell, this Swan statue will be their very first resin statue. And I have to say, this Swan looks absolutely stunning!

The Swan is based on an illustration by Po Wen (who is an absolute amazing artist) and sculpted by PKKing (who has some incredible sculpts) and she’ll come in two versions, a white and black one. What I really love about these two versions is that they’re a little more then just color-swaps. Okay, they’re mainly color-swaps but I just love the fact that they included a frog with the white version and a toad with the black. Also, the different paint schemes on the faces make them look a little different in expression. The white Swan looks more sorrowful while the black has a more superior expression, more secure. This can be the lighting as well but I’d love it if they look like this as final product.

The release is slated for April 2013 and retail these two go for $200,. A local shop is offering them as a set for €325,- (~$430,- but with no import fees for us or expensive shipping).
I’m a bit torn for these two since I love them but don’t know the company at all. Of course, looking at the quality stuff that PKKing delivers… Darn it. And we’re trying to cut back a bit and not buying stuff that isn’t related to our collection. But, I love these two…

Oh, and did I mention that if you buy both of them via the official site you’ll get a signed artbook from Po Wen as well? Neat isn’t it.

White Swan
RP 200,- USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

Black Swan
RP 200,- USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

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2 Responses

  1. Natascha says:

    If anyone has the white one for sale, please let me know! I know someone who has been looking for ages, but with no luck. 😔

    • Ikaryas says:

      Unfortunately, it’s been six years since I wrote this post. I know some shops had them for pre-order back then but it’s highly unlikely that anyone still does… Best bet would be Ebay or statue forums or groups on Facebook. Good luck in your search 🙂

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