You don’t even need to cut the weeds anymore!

Usually I don’t buy non-official stuff. Unless there isn’t any official stuff to represent it. So that’s why I have a Minish Cap Ezlo hat. And that’s also why I’ll probably buy a bunch of these wonderfully, homemade, rupees!

I’ve always liked the Zelda series since I played the one on the SNES. The ones on the NES never interested me as much, but A Link to the Past, that one I loved. And still do. Too bad there aren’t many interesting collectibles for this series. Unless those of First 4 Figures of course.

Luckily, it’s changing with the upcoming of fan made items. These are made by a craft store on Etsy called Chinook Crafts. Unofficial these may be but they’re also wonderfully made! I think I’m going to order some soon…

Oh, on a side note, they also make other stuff like the Sage Medallions and the Golden Skulltula Token also from Zelda, evolution stones from Pokémon and Adventure Tags from Digimon.

Visit their shop.

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