The seven Evils are one within me! I am Legion!

The last time I spoke of Diablo, I didn’t even played the game yet. Now I do. And now, I know all about the Prime Evil that is Diablo!

Even though, Diablo 3 received mixed reviews, I really enjoy it. Especially when we both scroll around a bit, bash the heads in of a diversity of monsters and collect gold and rare items. We haven’t been playing long but long enough to witness the birth and dead of the Prime Evil that were, somehow, both our fault…

Anyhow, we’ve known since SDCC this year that Sideshow Collectibles would be releasing a statue of this Prime Evil. And finally, the day has come for us to order it (aka Thursday, November 29th, 2012)! But alas, there’s going to be no exclusive for this one either (their Blizzard – Arthas of WOW also doesn’t have an exclusive). Sad us… Ah well, then we won’t be ordering this from Sideshow themselves but we’ll order it locally. Money saved.

Still, I can’t wait for this piece. It looks wonderfully bad!

Regular Edition:
RP 349,99 USD
Edition Size: TDB
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