We’re this close to acquire our personal grail piece, but since we’re lacking the funds we decided to sell of some stuff. If you’re interested, just comment here (please use your real email address) or comment on the facebook page. Click on the read more button to view our list.

Edit: added our Resident Evil 5 Hot Toys
Edit: removed our Ayane’s, written the review as well
Edit: added 4 PVCs from Tales of the Abyss (2x) and Tales of Phantasia (2x)
Edit: added some games
Edit: sale is ended. Decided to just try and save for our grail instead of selling things we don’t really want to sell.

Even though it pains our heart, we have to sell something…

Here are the things we’re selling.

So, if you’re interested, please let us know so we can acquire our personal grail piece!

You can contact us by:
– using facebook
 – placing a comment here
sending a PM to I and I on the several fora we’re on (Sideshow Freaks, Statueforum, Collectiblez, Statue Freaks or Aniway).

Now you can also send an email: dimic AT ikaryas.nl (replace the AT with @ of course).
Don’t forget to put –DIMIC SALE– into the header otherwise it will be deleted automatically.