Now I can finally take over the world!

Sometimes, I really hate being a student. Just having a Saturday job isn’t enough… Man, I wish I could go to work, real work, so I’d be able to afford more stuff like this awesome ThreeA figure!

ThreeA is mostly known for their own designs like those of the Adventure Kartel and their World War Robots but lately they also bought some existing licenses one of which is Metal Gear Solid! Their first figure, that has been in the works since 2009, is finally finished. And my, do I love it! Oh sorry, apparently I forgot to say just what they made. Only the most awesome machine ever made! Yeah, you got it right! They made the Metal Gear REX! Now I can finally take over the world. Mhuahahahah.
For more information regarding the Metal Gear REX, just follow this link. I know, it’s a Wikipedia link but most of it is correct so why not.

They made this extremely stunning piece of gaming history in collaboration with Team Kojima and Konami and it has a 23-inch (~58cm) long laser cannon and stunning light up component. I just love blue lights. It stands an impressive 19-inches (~48cm) tall when standing and approximately 14 inches (35cm) tall in sitting position. How can anyone say that this isn’t an extraordinary addition for any Metal Gear Solid fan? Too bad it’s so expensive… Made me one sad girl that price, it sure did…

There isn’t any limited edition for this but that’s okay, the price is crazy enough as is…


Normal edition:
RP 489.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
More information

Metal Gear Solid - Rex

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