I always give my all no matter who I face.

And another Pop Culture Shock peeks around the corner. This time it’s Alex from Street Fighter.

Even though we don’t collect every fighter from this game, staying away from this one is hard. Once again, Jerry and his team did a wonderful job with this next release. I especially like the exclusive, player 2, variant with it’s contrast between the dark grey costume and it’s white hair.

Even though there are both an exclusive as a regular variant of Alex, both of them are quite limited and somewhat hard to get. The regular will be limited to 175 numbered pieces (plus 10 signed Artist Proofs) while the exclusive will have only 50 (plus 10 AP’s). The only way to get any one of these is online through e-mailing PCS on a certain time and date. Yes, much like the Chun-Li and Reptile.

And like with the previous two, you also get a choice on how you want to pay;

  • A non-refundable deposit of $120,- USD with the balance of  $230,- USD (plus shipping) due once the item is ready for delivery.
  • Payment plan of 3 payments as follows: A non-refundable deposit of $120,- USD, second payment of $105,- USD due February 1st 2013, final payment of $104,- USD due March 1st 2013.
    You will then only be required to pay shipping once the item arrives. A 6% savings of $21,- USD !
  • A 15% discount for a non-refundable pre-payment in full.  Your total will be $298,- USD with shipping due when the item is ready for delivery.  A savings of $52,- USD!

Pre-order begins at 3PM Pacific Standard Time on Monday December the 3rd. More details (and pictures) can be found on the official site.

Pop Culture Shock Normal edition:
RP 340,- USD
Edition Size: 175 (+ 10 AP’s)
More information

Pop Culture Shock Exclusive Edition:
RP 350,- USD
Edition Size: 50 (+ 10 AP’s)
More information

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