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Even though we didn’t plan on buying more of those Play Arts action figures from Square Enix, Ingis really wanted this one as well. So, yes. Another King Mickey.

I’m not overly fond of action figures made by Square Enix. Especially lately, they look like crap. Even the prototypes don’t appeal to me and don’t get me started on the actual product. The paint application is usually pretty bad. The joints are ugly, big and too visible. And you don’t want to look at the faces of those that should represent actual human faces like their Mass Effect line.
The only ones that aren’t that bad are those that represent really fictional characters like the Kingdom Hearts line. These are also slightly bigger then their other lines.

He only comes with his Keyblade and two sets of hands. The first set consists of stretched out hands while the second are made for holding things. As with the previous one, I still wished that they had included more stuff with these figures. Extra blades would have sufficed… I mean, come on, it’s even the same blade as in the other version… Just give one version the Star Seeker or something like that. Or include a Shadow Heartless or something.
The lack of accessoires just feels a bit cheap and really brings down this figure in my eyes.

Although the paint application is fine for an action figure, the sculpting is quite crude in some places. It’s not the worst action figure I’ve seen but certainly not one of my favorites. But at least it’s something I would let someone play with in contrary to some of our other figures like the D-Arts.

I like this one less then the Volume 1 King Mickey but that’s mostly because I just like the other outfit more even though it’s more restricted in it’s movement. He’s still pretty nice but, just like the other one, doesn’t come with a lot of items.
I still don’t know if I would recommend these figures or not…


Item reviewed: Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Arts Volume 2, #6: King Mickey
Type: action figure
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Variations: none
Rarity: Still available on the Square Enix Webstore (which seems down on writing this review). So not that rare. Don’t really think it will ever be considered ‘rare’.

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