Happy Birthday to us

Yes, it’s exactly one year ago that DIMIC started. We’ve posted review, previews and other stuff and had fun doing it.

We also got a lot of visitors from all around. And we experienced some downtime and loss of data.
So sad things and good things happened during this year.

Here’s a breakdown of our favourite preview, review and news items!


Few, my favourite news item? That’s a good one… we had some really nice and/or funny videos, some interesting interviews and a lot of cool stuff to show of in this section… But if I really must choose, I’d go for the Even Darth Vader deserves a holiday! video. I still love to watch it even though I’ve seen it a dozen times.

I don’t really have a favorite preview but I can tell you which one disappointed me the most; Keep the buckets coming!! The Jessica Rabbit Premium Format could have such a great, no, GRAND, exclusive edition and they blew it… Even more then the new Lara Croft Premium Format. The last is an Adam Hughes pieces and it’s always almost certain that those pieces come only with a print.

Pfff, we had so many great pieces to review last year that it’s really hard to choose from them… Quite a few pieces were acquired by pure luck or plainly by having sufficient funds just on the right moment. I think I’m going with She’s just purrrrrrrfect! or the Felicia Mixed Media (= Premium Format) from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. It’s such an underrated piece and still one of my all-time favorites of PCS. The colors are just so vibrant and the fur is so well done. Everything with this statue has just been so well chosen.


Even though I can’t even hope on obtaining these, I just loved those Mario Kart themed karts I showed you in my news item Oh hot, oh hot, hothothot! They’re just so cool, don’t you agree?

My favorite preview for this year just has to be What? Go to hell!? I just came back from there!!, the one for Lord Raptor from Pop Culture Shock. Dark Stalkers is one of my favorite fighting games and we were both waiting for the next piece to be revealed. And he turned out so amazingly great!

And just like Ikaryas, my favorite review from this year has been the Felicia Mixed Media from Pop Culture Shock, or the post She’s just purrrrrrrfect! The reason for this is simple, it’s just such a stunning statue and our first Pop Culture Shock one. I also really like the pictures. They really capture her and make her look so pretty.

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