They’re about the only company that delivers good quality girly tee’s in a size that actually fits me. Most of the smalls, which is usually the smallest size, I order are just too big for me. Not extremely, but still. Their S (small) is more like an XS which is perfect for me. And, even after countless of washing it, the print’s still intact and the shirts isn’t faded or stretched. Perfect!

And now you can even buy there cheaper because of it being Thanksgiving this week. Starting today until Black Friday, a lot of their designs are 55% off. And that’s not all! They’re also doing a lightning deal every day at 4pm GMT where they’ll offer a super-saving on one design for just one hour!

Here are the schedules:

  • Monday – Sonic the Hedgehog tees and hoodies
  • Tuesday – Devil May Cry tees and hoodies
  • Wednesday – SEGA RELOADED tees
  • Thursday – Cervantes tees
  • Friday – Monteriggioni hoodies

I’m heading out there right now to check the sales and will definitely be their at 4 to check the lightning deal!

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