Now THIS is art!

Today, while browsing the Internet, I stumbled on something really cool namely the work of an artist called Megan Lara. Her art is amazing! Just check it out yourself using the Continue Reading button.
And what’s really nice is that you can buy her art as prints or T-shirts. The ones I really like are the Nintendo Nouveau prints and the Hello Kupo T-shirt. I’m so going to buy some of them!

For this post, I only included the prints from her Art Nouveau style, but she also has quite some nice other art. You can use the links below the pictures to visit her website, DeviantART or her Facebook page. She also got accounts on Tumbler and Twitter but I trust you can find them yourself. Happy browsing!


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  1. Darth Snoopy says:

    Very cool art! I saw the thread about this blog on the Freaks board, cool place!

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