Nerds need love too

Nerd. It’s not really an offending word in my opinion but rather more like a title for me. It’s like Goth, Skater, … just a way of living. When you say nerd most of you will automatically think of a goofy guy with big glasses and absolute no taste of fashion whats so ever. But believe me when I say that there are some nerdy, geeky girls out there too. Look at me, I caught one. Some of them can even sing (more or less) and make cool songs about the geeky world we live in. One of them is Amy Lee Radigan. Her first song was “Nerdy Girls Need Love Too” and is, as a matter of fact, a pretty good and catchy song. Okay, she doesn’t have the golden voice but good enough and the lyrics are nice and full of geek related stuff. She has a second song “Save Me Mario” what is also good, but I really prefer the first one. Amy will release her first album one of these days with the wonderful title “From Gotham to Gallifrey” and stacked with 10 songs full of nerd pride!! More info on Amy Lee Radigan’s website.

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