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Ingis talked to you about Syco Collectibles a little while back. Well, I’m going to introduce their second statue from their Enchanted Warriors line; Jade.

As said in the intro, this is going to be the second statue released in the Enchanted Warriors line and I must say that I’m intrigued. Not only does the sculpt and the paint application look decent, you also get to choose between a retracted staff or the extended one. And you know that I like the extra’s.
Jade will also come with a light-up function in her staff. To be more precise: it will light up like a purple neon sign.

Big plus is the fact that she’ll not only be the same scale as Kitana but also the base will be the same size and design. What I do find weird is the fact that the dual base (mentioned in Ingis his post) isn’t meant for Kitana and Jade but for Kitana and Mileena which isn’t even released or sneaked yet. Not that that little fact diminishes this statue, it’s just that I find that weird.

Anyhow, as we already decided to start with this line, we’ll probably order this one as well. And I must say, I’m more looking forward to this one then the previous one (Kitana). Paint-job wise, I like this one a bit more. Jade also has more details like the chains and the staff and such which makes her a bit more interesting. If they can deliver a good product with a nice paint application, they have the potential to own a great line and make a lot of fans really happy.


Syco Collectibles – Mortal Kombat Jade
RP 129.99 USD
Edition Size: TBD
Release date: Q1 -2012
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