I’ve played hours on that neat little system called the Super Nes or SNES for short. It was, and still is, one of my favorite game systems ever. 16bit for the win!! And here comes the possibility to play all my favorite games on the go! What could be more dreamy?

A company called Hyperkin is creating a portable device that lets you play SNES games (currently only US and JP 🙁 ) while you’re riding the train, waiting for your bus or when you’re bored at school or at work. They called it the SupaBoy and it has got a 3.5″ screen, a battery life of five-and-a-half hours and two controller ports for all our favorite SNES hardware pieces like controllers, the Scope, Four Score and the Mouse. It also has a port which you can use to plug it into a real TV. That way you can use it like a standard SNES.

It’s scheduled for release this summer in America. When we’ll see a release here in Europe is currently unknown but I have to admit. If you can play EU cartridges on it, I may just buy it…

For more information and for detailed pictures, visit the SupaBoy official website.