I still don’t know how this edition came in existence… is it a press kit release? Is it fake (doubt that one) ? Or were there a few made of these editions and I just happen to find someone who sold one on Ebay?
No matter how this thing became, I got it! And I love it!

Update: All information I could find on this edition indicates that I got the Press Release. Still, I find it strange since they usually include not for resale game copies in press kits… I’m still searching for further information.

First of all, the content came in quite a large, and stunning, box. On the front you have the image of the male ‘hero’ as a good guy and on the back as a bad guy. The sides of the inner box are also covered with head shots. Just gorgeous. On opening the box the first thing you see is the game in the same edition as the worldly release (aka, the ‘normal’ special edition). Nothing special there as you can read all about it here. No need to repeat myself is there.

So, let us put the game aside and look at what’s next. Oeh, it’s the Hobbe figure!! This is the main reason I was so disappointed with the sliced down edition. I really love this figure, it’s so adorable. And you can easily remove him from his container without destroying it so you can put it anywhere. Always like that. He comes with a piece of meat and a cooking pan which you can put on his head or you can let him hold it. Isn’t it cute?

Now, right beneath the figure I find the 5 Fate Cards which are quite stunning and really large. I’m thinking about putting them in a frame and on a wall… When we have a wall to spare that is. But, for those who aren’t in possession of this edition, Lionhead provided these cards as a digital download which, kind as I am, I included on the bottom of the article. Major downside; you don’t have the genuine cards. Good thing these are in high quality pdfs so you can easily print them.


It still bugs me that this edition wasn’t released as it should have been. This is a must-have for Fable fans like myself.

– Beautiful box
– Hobbe figure
– Nice cards
– Not released like it was supposed to
– No artbook?
– No soundtrack?

Item reviewed: Fable 2 (Special edition? Press Kit? I still don’t know for sure…)
Type: game, Xbox 360
Variations: the worldly released special edition, the standard and the Game of the Year edition
Rarity: This version of Fable 2 is extremely, unbelievable rare. I really got lucky when I could buy this one

Download the Fable 2 – Fate Cards