If you’ve read my previous post about some merchandise from one of my favorite games ever, you might just smell the direction I’m going. Oh, and you might encounter a dog and a bunny in that alley… Indeed, I got something new and shiny!

As you may know, I like point-n-click adventures. Think of Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion, … I just love them! So, if I find some cool stuff of this, I’d also like to buy it. So, when visiting the web shop from TellTale (the guys that made new adventures for the first two I mentioned) I quickly noticed that my shopping cart was getting quite full… Eventually, I settled with buying only a few things:

  • Two shot glasses (Sam and Max)
  • A poster pack (Sam and Max)
  • Deck of Tarot Cards (Tales of Monkey Island)
  • Art Portfolio (Tales of Monkey Island)
  • Signed poster (Tales of Monkey Island)

Didn’t I behave? It’s only five items… Still it was quite expensive, especially to get the items here. Drats.
Anyhow. As you can see, the shot glasses are rather small. About 2.3inch or 6cm. But I like them, even though I don’t drink 😀

All the posters (not talking about the portfolio) are printed on mat paper and are absolutely stunning! The signed poster (actually hand signed) is rather large, about 22 x 16 inch which is about 55 x 41 cm. The Sam and Max posters are 11″x17″ thus 28 x 43 cm, which is also quite a nice format. These are the movie posters from each episode from The Devil’s Playhouse. I loved that I could get them in a set but I must admit that I also wanted to order one of the posters apart. Why? Well, it was signed! I like that… But seeing as it already was quite expensive I didn’t. Not that I regret it… not really… I guess…

The tarot cards (3″x5″ / 8 x 13) are printed on glossy paper which really makes the art stand out. The images used are funny. I really like Strength, Lovers, Betrayal, Disease, Transformation, Guide, … Heck, I like them all! Opening the box however was a pain…

The art from the portfolio however are printed on neither glossy nor mat paper, more something in between. These prints are also quite large; 9″ x 12″ / 23 x 30. All the prints are printed on very good quality paper which makes me a very happy girl.

Now, if they say is true and a picture is worth a thousand words, then I got about 29.000 words 😀 Go read them!