Cruise the stars

I’m a big fan of the Mass Effect series developed by BioWare. I can’t wait for the holidays, not really for the holidays themselves but more for the very anticipated third part in this epic sage. The art of Mass Effect and especially the Normandy SR-2, the big ass space ship of commander Shepard, was something I really liked. You can imagine that I was really happy when I obtained the lithograph of this ship from the BioWare shop.

Now while browsing through the Internet I stumbled on the news that Dark Horse Deluxe will release a miniature of the Normandy. I was a bit disappointed that the scale is not like my movie cars namely 1/18, but on the other hand it wouldn’t fit in my house I guess. The miniature will be around 16cm long (6 1/4 inch) and will be released in October for the price of 35 USD. There aren’t much pictures of it right now but for me the colors are looking rather strange. Why not follow the color scheme we already know. Are these the colors of the new improved version of Mass Effect 3 or is this artistic freedom, I really don’t have a clue. The material from what it is made is also not known, but my hope is up for a nice die-cast.

I’m really thinking about pre-ordering one of these, but I’m still waiting for nice high end collectibles from some guys with the license to do this. *hint hint sideshow!!!!*

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